Kate Greenaway Almanack

What is this item?

This is a collection of Kate Greenaway almanacks. An almanack is something produced once every year that contains things such as calendars, lists of holidays and astronomical information (looking at the stars and planets). All of the almanacks in this collection contain detailed illustrations and some of them contain poetry and verses.

When was it created?

The Greenaway almanacks were first published in 1883 and ran until 1897 (but there was no almanack issued in 1896).

Who was Kate Greenaway?

Kate was born Catherine Greenaway in 1846 and lived until 1901. She was a childrens book illustrator and writer from London.

Why is she important?

She was a popular and highly influential artist in the 19th century (1800s) and became known for her art printed in childrens books.



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Inside Kate Greenaway’s almanacks are beautiful illustrations that go beside each month of the calendar. Click here to see more from Kate Greenaway’s 1884 almanack.