Martin Luther King photograph

What is this item?

One black and white photograph from a collection of photographs, which show Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. when he visited Newcastle University in 1967.

Who is in this photograph?

Pictured in the photograph is Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. with His Grace, the Duke of Northumberland (who was then then the Chancellor of the University) as well as the then Vice Chancellor and Lord and Lady Mayoress of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Who was Dr. Martin Luther King?

Dr. Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist (civil rights are the rights that every person should have regardless of their race, sex or religion. A civil rights activist is someone who fights for the rights of other people) in the 1950s and 1960s. He fought for the rights of people including African Americans, where he held non-violent protests to stand up for this cause. His speeches inspired many people and he is considered one of the great orators (speakers) of modern history.

Photographs of Martin Luther KingWhy did Martin Luther King Jnr. visit Newcastle University?

Newcastle University gave Dr Martin Luther King an honorary degree – the only UK university to do so during his lifetime. Dr King took time to visit the University to accept his honorary degree as a Doctor of Civil Law.

An honorary degree is awarded by universities to someone who has delivered outstanding contributions in their field of work. The person doesn’t have to have studied at that University to receive the degree.

Where did this happen?

The ceremony took place on Monday 13th November 1967 in King’s Hall at Newcastle University.



Video of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Congregation at Newcastle University



Watch Martin Luther King receive his honorary degree at Newcastle University in 1967.


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A short audio clip by a local student about the Martin Luther King photographs.



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Dr Martin Luther King Jr. BBC Radio Package 7



Listen to ordinary Americans, including children, journalists and politicians reacting to hearing the speech Martin Luther King made at Newcastle In November 1967.



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