Map of the road from London to Berwick

What is this item?

5 framed coloured sections of the map ‘The continuation of the road from London to Barwick’ (known as Berwick) from John Ogilby’s Britannia atlas.

Where is it from?

These 5 coloured sections of map are contained within a large Britannia atlas which consists of 100 sheets. Each sheet is split into several strips of map. This is like the road maps that we use today. The Britannia focuses on the geographical and historical descriptions of roads within England and Wales.

Who was John Ogilby?

John Ogilby was born at Kellemeane near Dundee on 17th November 1600. He had an extremely varied career as a dancing-master, theatre owner, poet, translator and finally as collector of atlases and other geographical works.

Why is this item special?

The Britannia atlas that the 5 sections of map are contained in, was the first national road-atlas of any country in Western Europe. The Britannia atlas set the standard for the creation of other road maps that followed.

When was it published?

It was published in 1675.


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